gilgal pinot noir

Gilgal Pinot Noir

L’Shana tova, everyone! For those of us celebrating Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, our certified Kosher Wine of the Week is a fine example of a hot-climate Pinot Noir hailing from Israel. The co-op that produces this wine is also behind the Mount Hermon label and cultivates their vines in the most highly regarded area of Israel’s already prestigious growing region of Galilee. This lush red wine has notes of dark fruit and spice with prominent hints of cherries, with a subtle oaky note from 16 months spend in new French oak barrels, and pairs beautifully with all your holiday favorites, including brisket and roast chicken, but also pairs well with pasta and rice dishes, mushrooms, hearty fish like salmon or tuna, grilled vegetables, and sharp cheddar or gruyere cheeses.